Proeksperdi seminar koostöös Siemensiga

21. veebruar kella 9.30–12.00 toimub seminar “Digitalisation Seminar with Siemens” Sõpruse 157, Tallinn (3. korrus).

Proekspert would like to invite you to join us on the morning of the 21st of February to discuss and explore data & digitalisation. Brought to you in association with Saksa Automaatika and Siemens. 

We have two revered speakers from Siemens joining us to give their take on the topic. Ilmari Veijola and Jyrki Keinänen share with us their expertise and findings, focusing on the MindSphere IoT ecosystem and how to add business value using data from current processes.  

Ilmari Veijola and Jyrki Keinänen will be speaking about projects within MindSphere and giving us an overview of the ecosystem concept. They will also be covering the topics of connectivity, security and edge computing during their presentation.

The audience will have the opportunity to hear these cases explained from a technical perspective with particular focus on processes, not forgetting the challenges that often appear.

As a participant at the seminar, you will be able to attend a short workshop where companies can meet, chat and discuss any issues they have with their business, in relation to the content of the presentation, with our guests from Siemens. 

Please register.