North Star AI, Applied Data Science Conference

Discover how data enables Machine Intelligence: Applied Data Science Conference for Developers On 7th March 2019 / Tallinn, Estonia.

North Star AI is a conference focusing on the technical aspects of data science. It consists of two tracks on data platforms, algorithms, tools and models. Talks will discuss solving the hardest problems that exist within organising and analysing massive noisy data sets.

The main goal of North Star AI is to connect the best developers, engineers, data scientists and data-driven startup leaders. 

We believe that obtaining new ideas, technical best practices, meeting like-minded people helps to advance the state of Machine Learning and Data Science within your organization. 

North Star AI 2019 program provides value-adding insights into data-related practices in ML, as well as views into what’s coming next.  Experts from leading companies present solutions about:
Human-Centric ML infrastructure; 
The Internet of Intelligent Things; 
Data Visualization;
Speech Recognition technology stack;
Deep Learning;
Meta-Learning and Meta-Reinforcement Learning;
Recurrent Neural Network. 

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North Star AI is brought to you with the help of Proekspert, Starship, Taxify and Elisa.