IoT and IT conference SPIME 2018

SPIME - annual IoT and IT conference takes place in a different country each year. This year, IoT conference is in Tallinn. The conference will take place in the Energy Discovery Center in Tallinn on September 11 and 12.

BaseN's annual SPIME event is back for the 4th time. After Amsterdam, Helsinki and Torino, we now welcome all IoT pioneers to Tallinn. Starting from a handful of connected devices back in the day, we are now facing a worldful of data. Wether businesses create new products, optimize existing ones or just want to boost overall efficiency with IoT and spimes, better and real time information is the foundation to build upon.

Security, scalability, global reach, always-on operations, telemetry, intellectual property, sustainability. Join SPIME2018 to explore in depth what digitalizing your business really means. This event brings together an international audience with an interest in IoT and evolving technologies.  

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IoT developers are again invited to the annual SPIMEathon to gain experience in working with one of the world's leading IoT Platforms. 

BaseN Corporation  

NB! ITL pakub võimalust 10 erineva ettevõtte esindajal osaleda konverentsil tasuta. Palun võtke ühendust kuni 20. augustini: (konverents toimub 11.-12. septembril Tallinnas Energia avastuskeskuses).