Great Talks: Welcome to the Empathy Economy

Great Talks together with Tehnopol Startup Incubator are pleased to invite you on 9th of August 2019 to a talk over light lunch titled "Welcome to the Empathy Economy" with Dr Jacqui Taylor, CEO and co-Founder FlyingBinary and Smart City Tsar.

Moderated by Jurgo Preden, CEO Thinnect.

Dr Jacqui Taylor is one of the Top 10 Global Internet of Things (IoT) innovators. Her talk will look at the fundamental change we face as a society as a result of the IoT. Her talk titled "Welcome to the Empathy Economy" is based on her Smart City research for her book "Shaping Future Places" where technology is the enabler for change, not as it is in the Digital Economy the outcome. It would signal the opportunity that IoT brings, particularly in view of the opportunities the UK will unlock as a result of Brexit. The talk is aimed at entrepreneurs, investors and organisations who are looking to reposition for this IoT opportunity.

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Kaja Ainsalu, British Embassy Tallinn