The European mHealth Conference, Brüssel

The European mHealth Conference: Challenges and Opportunities for mHealth in Europe will take place 19th June 2014 / The Hotel, Brussels

mHealth has the potential to deliver huge benefits to the way in which healthcare in Europe is delivered, with the opportunity for vast cost-savings and increases in efficiency alongside a simultaneous improvement of patient experience. However, whilst mHealth is an emerging and rapidly developing field - approximately 97,000 mHealth applications are already available - its uptake in Europe remains limited.
This event will assess what needs to be done to advance the implementation of mHealth solutions at an EU (and wider) level and to ensure a suitable regulatory framework is in place. It will explore the benefits mHealth can offer to patients, healthcare professionals and to the European economy in general, and at how these can be realised, whilst addressing the existing barriers and issues relating to its deployment.

Sessions at this conference will focus on:
• Developing a strategy to unlock the potential of mHealth
• Delivering a safe and secure mHealth ecosystem in Europe
• Developing standards for coordinated, interoperable and universal mHealth solutions
• From niche market to mainstream - integrating mHealth into everyday healthcare systems

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