Real-time economy (RTE) Deep Dive

Technology Industries of Finland and Estonian Association of Information Technology 
and Telecommunications welcome you to the
Real-time economy (RTE) Deep Dive

Venue: DIGITALEUROPE, 14 rue de la Science, 1040 Brussels
Monday, 6 March, 12:00 – 15.30
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Real-time economy -- A real European opportunity to take the lead in smart, digital economy

Real-Time Economy is an environment where all transactions between actors are in digital format, automatically generated, and completed in real-time, both from the business and IT-processing perspectives. For enterprises, public sector, and citizens this means, e.g. that orders, order confirmations, invoices, and payments flow from system to system automatically and without delays. The benefits for all parties are enormous - both in terms of productivity and environment.

Europe holds the lead in the RTE ecosystem standardisation. The infrastructure to implement RTE exists already today. The opportunity lies in fast uptake. RTE could be implemented in concrete activities such as Industrie 4.0 and the industry-led FIWARE Foundation that builds open service platforms for smart industry and smart public sector services. By adding RTE concepts into the competitive high-value sectors of European economies, such as manufacturing, construction and logistics, we can assume global leadership.

Finland and Estonia have been the leading Member States in the development of RTE and open service platforms. Both countries look forward to taking the rest of Europe ahead in truly digitalising the European economy.

Horizon 2020 work programmes have, so far, not had a solid placeholder for the real-time economy components, technology development and innovation. Therefore, we call for first explorations of the topic in Horizon 2020 and for a RTE PPP to be implemented in the next Framework Programme.

12:00-13:00 Introductions over lunch
13:00-15:00 Deep dive on RTE with presentations from different viewpoints
  • The Big Picture of RTE
  • RTE and the DSM, open service platforms and Next Generation Internet
  • The RTE ecosystem and standardisation
  • The RTE data format
  • eInvoicing, eAddress
  • Construction industry as an example of a vertical for RTE
  • Case study, Digital Economy Enterprise Platform (DEEP)
15:00-15:30 Discussion and conclusion

  • Juha Saarnio, Senior Advisor and CDO, Technology Industries of Finland; Board Member, DIGITALEUROPE
  • Ilkka Lakaniemi, Research Director, Aalto University; Vice President, Finland Chamber of Commerce; Senior Advisor, DG CNECT
  • Seth Lackman, Country Manager, Ericsson Estonia; Board Member, ITL; Digital Advisor to the Estonian government
  • Bo Harald, Board Professional, Executive Advisor
  • Harri Kulmala, CEO, DIMECC; Member of the HLG for FP9
  • Pirjo Ilola, Development Manager, Finance Finland
  • Lars Albäck, Managing Director, Tilaajavastuu
  • Ulrich Ahle, CEO, FIWARE Foundation