African cooperation

Estonian-African Development Cooperation 

Estonia – digital leader of Europe will make Africa – digital leader of the World 

Within the last 20 years, Estonia has built a world leading digital society. Estonian ICT Cluster has started an initiative to support African countiries in the whole process of building a working digital society and growing a profitable business. 
Building e-Estonia as one of the most advanced e-societies in the world has involved continuous experimentation and learning from our mistakes. That is why we are ready to lead by example and believe that we can help African countries to become a safe e-state with automatic e-services available 24/7. 

e-Governance education workshop video (May 2019)  

We have experience in setting up an e-Government that works on a large scale. 
Our participants in our initiatives benefit from the end-to-end approach by:
● getting political and legal drafting consultation;
● receiving change management support;
● getting help with capacity building;
● technology implementation.

Some examples of projects implemented by Estonian ICT Cluster in Africa: 
- Implementation of e-governance technologies in following countries: 

● Kenya – mobile mapping and digital cartography building 
● Tanzania – e-Justice solution development 
● Namibia – implementation and launching of governmental interoperability framework, which allows secure data exchange between organizations. 
● Nigeria – federal budget and human resources systems for the Government of Nigeria (in 2014 alone cost saving for the government 2.5 billion USD).
● Botswana – tax management and collection system
● Benin, Tunisia – governmental interoperability framework and secure data exchange platform
● Benin, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Tunisia, Uganda – Digital Identity and Secure Data Exchange 

● May 2018 – participation in Transform Africa 2018. Estonian ICT Cluster presented e-governance competences during Transform Africa 2018
● January 2019 (continuing) – project “Supporting implementation of e-governance technologies in African countries”. In the framework of the project country-based workshops and analyses projects are organized in order to boost the digitalization in African countries; 
● May 2019 – „E-governance Educational workshop“ in Cote d’Ivoire in partnership with African Union. The main aim of the workshop was to raise participants' awareness about governmental interoperability processes and give practical experiences, skills how to build secure digital solutions in their countries. 
● May 2019 – participation in Transform Africa 2019. Estonian ICT Cluster presented e-governance competences (listen the radio-show, TV-news). 

Doris Põld, Estonian ICT Cluster manager 
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Jana Silaškova, Project Manager
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We help countries and organizations achieve world-class digital societies.